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The essence to achieving excellence in performance is to perform together in groups as soon and as often as possible. As well as ad hoc groups developed for the student termly and annual showcases, a number of high quality amateur and professional groups and ensembles will be making BAPA their home. This allows students to aspire to join them once they have ... More


To assist in the artistic development of our students or for those who wish to study elements of the performing arts in more depth we offer a full programme of study courses either individually or in a group. These include: Harmony Theory Conducting GCSE Music O’ Level & music technology (music notation, sequencing & recording) ... More

Babies & Toddlers

The British Academy of Performing Arts is a licensed provider for the renowned “Musikgarten” system. Hailed as a global innovator in developing effective music and movement programmes for the very young, our talented and qualified Musikgarten teachers will help get your young ones off to a great start in their creative lives. More

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is the most demanding of all the performing arts as it requires proficiency in 3 not just 1 discipline. However, students may opt to study just 1 or 2 of the elements or enrol for the full Musical Theatre course. All students will be eligible to take part in the BAPA annual musical which comprises professional performers as well as student... More


All the instruments which have formed the backbone of contemporary pop, rock and jazz for the past 50 or 60 years and depend as much on listening skills as playing. Great fun and highly sociable. Electric Guitar Bass Guitar Drum Kit Keyboards Vocal Learn your pop skills from some of Malaysia’s most admired rockers. More


Classical instruments are generally regarded as those which make up an orchestra plus of course, the piano and classical guitar. Classical instruments include strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, have a centuries old tradition and require dedicated study and practise in order to attain proficiency but which can all be highly rewarding. Classical singing ... More